Appetizers / Wine Snacks

Homemade Spreads on a Platter

(Hummus, Pork Crackling Spread, Beetroot Goat Cheese, Vegetables, Sourdough Bread)

3,950 HUF

Smoked Trout Tartare, Toast, Sun-Dried Tomatoes

4,450 HUF

“Chef's Pantry”

(Cheeses from the Countryside, Mangalica Ham, Garden Vegetables)

4,750 HUF


Rich Country Rooster Soup

3,300 HUF

Balaton Fisherman's Soup with Filleted Catfish

0.2l - 2,850 HUF
0.4l - 4,350 HUF

Pickled Fisherman's Soup

0.2l - 2,850 HUF
0.4l - 4,350 HUF

Creamy Corn Soup, Cheese Crisp

2,750 HUF

Main Courses

Dödölle with Onions from Zala, Sour Cream

3,450 HUF

Potato Noodles, Pickles

3,850 HUF

Smoked Gomolya Cheese on a Griddle, Garden Salad

4,550 HUF

Squash Stew with Dill, Vegetable Patties

4,950 HUF

Breaded Chicken Bites

(Wings, Thighs, Breasts, Potato Rings, Cucumber Salad)

5,450 HUF

Confit Pork Cheek, Potato Noodles

5,650 HUF

Breaded Veal Liver, Mustard Sauce, Fresh Salad

6,250 HUF

Rabbit Paprikash, Fried Dödölle

6,450 HUF

Mangalica Pork Neck, Polenta with Sheep Cheese, Bacon Bits, Roasted Garlic

6,750 HUF

Rib steak with fried onion & potatoes

8,550 HUF

Salmon Trout, Carrots, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Cauliflower Cream

7,350 HUF

Roast Venison, Wild Sauce, Bread Dumplings

7,850 HUF


Somlói Galuska

2,750 HUF

Rákóczi Cottage Cheese Cream in a Glass

(Winner of the 1958 Brussels World Expo dessert prize.)

2,750 HUF

Rice Soufflé, Raspberry

2,750 HUF

Liquid Love, Late Harvest Rhine Riesling Tasting (0.5 dl)

2,150 HUF

Extra Side Dishes

Steamed Rice

950 HUF

Roasted Potatoes

1,150 HUF

Mixed Salad with Vinaigrette

1,750 HUF

Bread Basket

950 HUF


Cucumber Salad

1,250 HUF

Cabbage Salad

1,250 HUF

Homemade Mixed Pickles

1,250 HUF

Pickled Gherkins

1,250 HUF

Children's Menu

Meat Broth with Fine Noodles

1,500 HUF

Chicken Bites with French Fries, Ketchup

3,250 HUF

Fried Cheese, Jasmine Rice, Cranberry Jam or Tartar Sauce

2,850 HUF

Rice Soufflé, Raspberry

1,850 HUF