The restaurant where the atmosphere of yesteryears and good flavors meet

We warmly welcome you to Tilia, located in the center of Badacsony, at the foot of the hill. Come join us in our cellar restaurant built from basalt stones or in our charming garden area shaded by magnificent 120-year-old lime trees. Our menu reflects the flavors of the former Monarchy, while our wine list offers favorite pairings to complement the menu.

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We work together for the best gastronomic experience

“To welcome with a sincere smile, to prepare from the heart, and to offer with love.”

The essence of Tilia restaurant, as our returning guests know it, is owed to the family unity and connection that has tied us to Badacsony and its surroundings since our childhood. We believe that enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner in a pleasant atmosphere creates memories we cherish.

We offer what we love ourselves - delicious food paired with good wines from Badacsony

Badacsony is unimaginable without its wine. A delicious meal paired with the right wine elevates the gastronomic experience to perfection. When composing our menu, we consider utilizing the offerings of the seasons and minimizing the transportation of ingredients.

There’s always something happening at Tilia Wine Restaurant and its garden area, under the old lime trees. You can expect wine tastings, festive events, as well as musical and poetry evenings. The restaurant is open all year round, seven days a week in the summer, and on weekends from autumn to spring.

You can reserve a table at Tilia Wine Restaurant by phone or email.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or christening, we welcome you to our cellar restaurant paved with basalt stones, where 30 people can comfortably be accommodated.

And if the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than sitting on the terrace in the shade of the more than 120-year-old Neptun Badacsony and lime trees. A fine bottle of wine, good company, and the view of the slopes of Badacsony covered with vineyards. Is there a better plan than this?